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It has long been a widespread belief that short people are sexuallyattracted to tall people, and tall people to short; that in the matter ofstature men and women are affected by what Bain called the “charm ofdisparity.” No woman thinks she can be wooed too often. By the side of this idyllic consummation of the longing for love, thereis the other, the ecstatic consummation of mutual rapture. And There I was, the whore cleaning her kitchen. They talked for a while and Mindy finally agreed to meet him that evening, at a restaurant for dinner.

This influence is apt to be experienced by individuals of both sexes, though it is perhaps specially marked in women.

The commandments which create that attachment are the true “guardian angels” of a person.

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At the conclusion of the Vita Nuova, Beatrice is a divine being,devoid of all emotionenthroned in Heaven; in the Comedy she becomesher lover’s saviour and redeemer, and through him a helper of allhumanity. We possess in Wagner’s letters to Matilda Wesendonk, and inthe diary written for her, the documents of the personal experience outof which Tristan grew, and which unfold one of the most touchinglove-stories. He speaks with his own servants in a mysterious way.

Many references to the extensive literature will befound in both these places. My expression made her laugh out loud.