This Page is automatically generated based on what Facebook users are interested in, and not affiliated with or endorsed by anyone associated with the topic. “Not many literary readings are restricted to an over-eighteen audience. Fewer still take place under circus tents. Yet nothing could be more appropriate for the. Swiss actress Carla Juri explodes onto the scene in young German director David Wnendt’s snazzy adaptation of Charlotte Roch’s.

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As squeamish as I am about this kind of stuff, the book is totally making me squirm and laugh out loud at the same time.

Otherwise, not very much happens. She loves to attract potential sexual partners by parading, underneath her dress, her unwashed vulva and the smells emanating from it.

And she seems like such a nice girl…

I have read pages, so I can’t assess the book in full, but I couldn’t wait to post about it when I woke up this morning. Posted by Tobi Vail at We are stuck with porn, slang and biology.

Sometimes, I feel like the only woman in the world who uses the shower attachment for washing my hair. DuMont Schauberg and was the world’s best-selling novel in March Often, she is wearing puff-sleeves.


The novel’s basic premise is fwuchtgebiete Helen has had sex, feels great about that, and is generally at home and easy with human fluids in a way that the rest of us are not.

But Helen doesn’t just want to celebrate novel ways with boiled eggs. Is “snail-tail” really an advance on “clitoris”? She obtained initial stage experience in drama groups during her time at school.

Review: Wetlands by Charlotte Roche | Books | The Guardian

However, her parents seem to have little interest in their daughter’s well-being and show up only occasionally, only for short periods of time, and at different hours. It’s actually very funny. After successfully auditioning for the German music channel Vivashe worked there for several cnarlotte as a video jockey and presenter, as well on the sister charlofte Viva Zweiwhere she presented her show Fast Forward. And the shower attachment, of course.

And why are we, as a society, so simultaneously obsessed with and repulsed by our own bodies?

Charlotte Roche

Retrieved 21 March Roche’s book Feuchtgebiete English: Shortly after her 18th chsrlotte she had herself sterilised without telling her parents about it. In fact, people faint quite a lot at readings, but this is usually less to do with titillation and more to do with long passages of landscape description.


Occasionally, some oafish doctor comes in and says something oafish this part is quite believable. In an interview published in Der Spiegel inCharlotte Roche proposed to have sex with German president Christian Wulff in exchange for his veto on a new regulation extending the life of nuclear reactors[4] highlighting the controversial extension, and Wulff’s role in passing it into law.

In she went to the secondary school, St.

Living in Germany, and fearing difficulties after the Brexit vote, Roche became a German citizen in Sometimes, Helen is in pain and sometimes she is hungry. Fharlotte title, which might be translated as ” wetlands ” or “damp areas,” here refers to a woman’s genitals. Her story is also a manifesto against prissy Anglo-American hygiene habits: By page two, the heroine is reminiscing about anal feucgtgebiete.

Helen is not one of those women. That said, it’s not a politically radical text on every front. Retrieved 27 December She molests barbecue tongs and avocado pits. Roche also feels that women struggle with self-expression.