CASTI Guidebook ASME B Process Piping CASTI Publishing Inc. – Street Edmonton, Alberta T5H 3J7 Canada Tel:() Fax:(). CASTI Guidebook to Asme B has 1 rating and 0 reviews: CD-ROM. CASTI Guide to Asme B – Process Piping (The Practical Guide Book Series) By Glynn E. Woods, Roy B. Baguley.

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CASTI Guidebook to Asme B Process Piping by Glynn E. Woods

Design Pressure and Temperature Design pressure is defined ccasti the most severe sustained pressure which results in the greatest component thickness and the highest component pressure rating. Items requiring examination depend upon fluid service. How should the examinations be conducted? B31.3 examination is included as a type of examination, even though it is only used when defects are revealed by spot or random examination.

Material Classification Systems and Specifications The language of materials can be complicated.

CASTI Guidebook to Asme B31.3: Process Piping

Vibration The guidance presented in guodebook Code for checking cyclic stress levels is based on low cycle, high stress. Grover Shoe Company plant Figure 1. Alternatively, materials may be placed in more narrowly defined generic groups such as mild steel, 3XX series stainless steel, or NiCrMo alloy. Here it can be seen there was a rapid decline in steam boiler explosions even as steam pressure steadily increased.

Again, the primary cwsti is less than yield at temperature. Wall thickness, schedule, there is no metric equivalent for schedule.

Cawti the special case of modulus of elasticity, thousands of MPa will be used. All other terms are as defined earlier. Experience shows, axme, that the level of understanding among users varies widely and is often limited to a few grades of carbon steel or to a specific alloy dasti employed by the user on a regular basis.

Practical Examples of using the Code are shown throughout the guidebook in shaded areas. Scope As seen in the preceding section, codes originated in response to numerous boiler explosions resulting from unsafe design and construction practices. The answers to two questions could be helpful in selecting the governing code section: This event killed more than twice as many people as did the great San Francisco earthquake and fire of Our ability to make such distinction has improved with the expansion of quality assurance and quality control concepts within the piping industry.


Regardless of bend type, all bends have certain features and dimensional characteristics which must be carefully specified during piping design and controlled during bend guiddbook and manufacture see Figure 6. The key components of the design conditions are the design pressure and the design temperature.

The edition of B Other code sections followed during the next eleven years: There are no precise rules governing which attributes to apply in defining material groups, and the level of detail afforded the classification system depends largely on the level of detail needed gujdebook communicate specific ideas.

Design Conditions Design Pressure and Zsme The design pressure shall be based on the highest pressure the piping system will experience. The allowable stress for pressure design is Sh, the basic allowable stress of the material at the hot temperature.

CASTI Guidebook to ASME B31.3 – Process

Their transportation home was aboard the Mississippi River steamboat Sultana Figure 1. Some organizations have implemented testing systems to assess the qualifications of inspectors cqsti examiners. Enter the ASME BPV code design fatigue curves for the pipe material to determine if the stress-cycle intersection point will be below the fatigue curve.

Occasional insight can guidenook gleaned from published interpretations of the Code, but these interpretations are answers to very specific questions asked by Code users. The considerations included are: The f factor although appropriate for the 18, cycles of this problem, is also suitable for 22, cycles as shown in Table Further assume that the process requires a short time pressure-temperature variation above normal operating as shown in Table 2.

Sc and Sh are the basic allowable stresses for the cold and hot conditions as defined in the Defintion and Basis for Allowable Stress section b3.3 Chapter 1.

Verify that all required examinations and tests have been completed. Can these conditions ever be exceeded? The allowable stress range is presented in B One design condition may establish the pipe wall guiebook and another may establish the component rating, such as for flanges. What is the Code saying? They are failure curves, not design curves.


The primary reason for this requirement is the increased risk of reheat cracking guidebok with these low alloy steels. In all cases, kPa will be used for gauge pressure, MPa will be used for stress. Also, note that minimum tangent lengths may be required for bend manufacturing guidenook e. Design pressure is the most severe pressure expected in a service, coincident with temperature, which results in the greatest component pressure rating and the greatest component wall thickness.

This is not to say, however, that designers as,e are capable of applying a more rigorous analysis should be restricted to this simplified approach. For precise measurement e. They should be carefully reviewed and supplemented where necessary prior to project use. This will greatly assist the designer in applying the intent of the Code.

This requirement is mainly of a practical nature and aims to avoid any work constraints h31.3 by the restricted access or interference created by repads or saddles. Fabrication, assembly, and erection require the use of many special processes bb31.3 In the normal operation of a refinery or chemical plant, there is a need, on occasion, for catalyst qsme, steam-out or other short term conditions that may cause temperature-pressure variations above design.

Impact caused by water hammer or the equivalent of steam hammer should be eliminated as much as possible with piping layout and valve selection particularly check valves. The designer must determine the mill under-run tolerance for the manufacturing process and add that tolerance to the tm value before making the purchase. Examiners are usually employees of the manufacturer, fabricator, employee of the owner, an employee or erector, or employees of a service agency of an engineering or scientific subcontracted by the manufacturer, organization, or of a recognized fabricator, gkidebook erector.

Determination of the extent of examination required actually involves answering two questions: The first commercially successful steam engine was patented by Thomas Savery of England in