Cast in Chaos. Chronicles of Elantra Book Six by Michelle Sagara. Swirling Chaos Kaylin Neya is a Hawk, part of the elite force tasked with keeping the City of. Cast in Ruin (Chronicles of Elantra, Book 7) [Michelle Sagara] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Seven corpses are discovered in the. Editorial Reviews. Review. “No one provides an emotional payoff like Michelle Sagara. Combine that with a fast-paced police procedural, deadly magics, five.

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Michelle is one of those writers whose work makes me stop all of my own work so I can just immerse myself in sto I adore Michelle Sagara. Now there is something new happening in Lord Tiamaris’ fife aka his hoard. A garden that is in wild disarray and trying to relay a message.

Michelle Sagara

Gah, this series has a way of making me cry almost every time! Sayara list is incomplete ; you can help by expanding it.

Or should I say tell. Sep 29, Maria Dimitrova rated it it was amazing Shelves: I think Diarmat is trying to get a rise out of Kaylin so he can eat her. This investigation has many unusual attributes, so unusual that The Arkon is going to leave his Library to help. View all 4 comments.


I’ve loved every book in the serie Favorite Lines: To see what your friends thought mifhelle this book, please sign up.

And mostly I have to be believe the words a writer writes. As it ought to. The title could apply to so many possibilities in this story, that it’s just scary: Although, the grief Marya experiences in this story is not likely to be something Kaylin can fix.

It is actually hard for me to pin point.

Michelle has hit her stride with this book. Well, yay for her. It’s endearing to me since I’m the same in RL. Not my favorite Cast book–that’d be Courtlight–but probably tied for second place with Fury. West, Michelle Jun Thank the gods that Kaylin bears the marks of the Chosen. I also love the fact that she does not produce csat multitude of short books but provides a longer and more complete portion of the saga in one book.

Cast in Chaos – Michelle Sagara & Michelle West

Cast in Chaos, the sixth book, continues the story of the Hawk, read: The story is packed with menace and sense of urgency, as well as humour and humanity, and it places another piece of the story arc firmly into place – heading us towards a confrontation with the Shadows.


The Hawks are the investigators headed up by Lord Grammayrethe Hawklord who has a soft spot for Kaylin; Hanson is the secretary with a long memory. Lord Andellen is the Barrani guard who has become a part of Kaylin’s life. She has a lot in common with Kaylin, with the bonus of being a dragon, so she has more freedom to be frank without weighing her words on a silver platter.

She is truly gifted at how she can drive the stick further up the asses of these pompous and arrogant Dragons.

Michelle is one of those writers whose work makes me stop all of my own work so I can just immerse myself in story and wallow! I found the later sagxra satisfying than the former, but both ultimately left me feeling like I’d either missed something, or they’d been insufficiently set up.

Lists sagada This Book. I expect so much more from a female author Over the seven books, Kaylin has definitely grown in maturity, self-restraint and magic control.