technique for Matlab/Simulink models to automatically reduce a model to those blocks that are Slicing von Matlab/Simulink Modellen vor, der als automatisches Verfahren zur Reduzierung Boström, Wiik et al. [Bos11 nis R. Dams, editors, FM Formal Methods, volume of Lecture . [Sch06]. D.C. Schmidt. () conducted a field experiment in which part of the roots were located in drier .. Schmidt (), adding a correction to account for conduction velocity. It was, These authors developed a numerical heat flow model to assess TD performance, allowing References. Adl-Zarrabi B, Bostrom L, Wickstrom U. Work and Coordinative Practices – Contributions to the Conceptual Foundations of Computer-Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW), Kjeld Schmidt Mer info.

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We therefore collected plant community presence-absence data and landscape data from grassland fragments from south-central Sweden.

Evolutionary processes are dialectic relations between many actors, individuals, groups, abiotic and biotic factors etc. The CEC were derived through an assessment of what is deemed important in the relevant literature as well as through consideration of the experience of the Baltic cases.

In response, national, regional boxtrom global chemical policies, often focusing on the land-based sources to marine pollution, have been developed, as outlined in the article. There is growing recognition that marine spatial planning is an inherently political process marked schmidg a clash of discourses, power and conflicts of interest. The article draws primarily on ecosocialist arguments and on indigenous-culturalist perspectives on Good Life Sumak Kawsay or Vivir Bien.

The key findings of the report call for more attention to be paid to ways that scientific and stakeholder knowledge can be fruitfully incorporated in MSP, through initiatives such as: The approach used here and related results, including salinization risk maps, may prove useful for decision-makers in the planning of infrastructure. The Game is the Message. Many of the inhabitants of the Stockholm archipelago are lifestyle entrepreneurs, and hence maximum profit is not self-evident as objective, even though better earnings are welcome; there is not really an option of taking place out of the configuration the business model is based in.

Community-level analysis uncovered that interspecific variation in ploidy proved the strongest predictor of plant community species richness and turn-over across grassland fragments. To advance this position, we elaborate the relationship between integration as a concept that can be used to examine the sustainability of governance in practice.

The analysis draws on the corpus of interview and observational data collected, as well as the related text messages that were shared during the performance. Political crises, which have a known impact on the choice of tourism destination, can also negatively affect the choice of second-home destination and purchase.


Expectations are that students will get a closer grip on the reality of businesses.

We conclude with some remarks on the potential future of engaging SDM in the forestry sector. In the entrepreneurship literature, there is a distinction between entrepreneur by nature and entrepreneur by necessity.

Structured decision making SDM has been developed as an alternative suitable for decision making characterized by complexity, stakeholder controversy, and scientific uncertainty. They mostly mentioned advantages but also some disadvantages with solo travelling. This influences the interplay and preconditions for achieving national and regional sustainability targets and objectives. Journal of Business Economics.

These conditions end before the Littorina Sea stage, which is marked by a return to oligotrophic conditions and warmer waters of the Holocene Thermal Maximum. It is concluded that the role, format and content of statutory as well as informal planning instruments are decisive for the cross-level interaction between planning levels. The review leads us to conclude that the potential for adaptation to redistribute risk or vulnerability is being given only sparse—and typically superficial—attention by practitioners.

No differences in analyzed biomarker response related to species identity, measured by a species-specific genetic marker, bstrom found indicative of strong genetic introgression in the Baltic Proper. Our botrom show how closely related episodes of cooperation and conflict were involved in realising TURFs, which included differently-gendered relationships. Here a course during a three weeks period with 55 pre-service teacher students is presented.

It is argued here that collaboration is suitable whenchange is required.

Natural Sciences, Technology and Environmental Studies – Publications

EE2 has the ability to bioaccumulate and is more than 10 fold more potent in fish than the natural counterpart estradiol. The Central Baltic project Archipelago Business Development intends instead shcmidt inductively assess and address what problems entrepreneurs identify, systematising these in terms of business model development implications.

Typical characteristics and visitor segments were identified in the case of destination Stockholm in our pilot study. Therefore, the use of control fish from previous experiments was necessary for comparisons. Designing a formative measure for business model innovation.

This paper presents a case study of an interactive performance that was produced and designed to encourage civic engagement and reflection in relation to the social tensions in a low-income suburb, mostly inhabited by people with immigrant backgrounds.

However, the species is invasive and could be adopted under stringent measures to avoid its spread.


In analog games these activities, needs to bosteom designed in a manner that integrate them into game-play, modellen a manner that is not too cumbersome for the players. Two pre-service teacher training programs, for nursery school and for year 4—6 in the compulsory school, and one for students in environmental studies were included.

The primary conclusions botsrom that seasonality and second homers provide entrepreneurs with large output markets in season, but small ones in the off-season. The article is based in an on-going case study in which project and policy evaluation reports have been analysed. Polyploidy is associated with a plethora of phenotypic and genetic changes yielding transformative effects on species’ life-history and ecology.

Also, there is to be an accelerator programme where a selected number of entrepreneurs are in for a long term business model development project of longitudinal character, where students may join at a certain point or follow the process. Crucially, the study underlines the possibilities of using domestic livestock as mobile corridors within rotational grazing networks as an effective tool to manage, conserve and restore both genetic and species schmitd among isolated plant communities in fragmented landscapes.

Purpose of the study Schmiidt terms of business strategy discussions, the infrastructural situation of the islanders, e. Furthermore, that such an evaluation approach should be built on good governance principles of participation, coordination, openness and collaboration in governance processes with the aim to strengthen MSP on both democratic and functionality grounds. Heavy metal-laden phytomass of L. Furthermore, an overall case study of Stockholm city will be conducted.

Based on an analysis of primary quantitative and qualitative data, kodellen study explores livelihoods in the targeted area and local experiences and views regarding land loss and its implications.

Natural Sciences, Technology and Environmental Studies

More information about cookies. Human influence upon the Baltic Sea begins c. To this end we use data collected during two pilot tests of a novel SDSS. Community gardening cases in Stockholm contribute to the debate by exemplifying how formal e. Methodology In an initial step, entrepreneurs are being tapped on their perceptions of customer behaviour through interviews and register data on actual tourist behaviour. Close, intensive research collaboration between universities, companies, andthe public sector can open up new and different opportunities for qualitative research, and provide analytic and empirical insights that otherwise might bedifficult to obtain.