“The Uprising” is an Autonomist manifesto for today’s precarious times, and a rallying cry in the face of the catastrophic and irreversible crisis that neoliberalism . Franco “Bifo” Berardi’s newly translated book The Uprising: On Poetry and Finance is light on two things: poetry and finance. What Berardi gives the reader . We posted the audio not too long ago from a Franco “Bifo” Berardi talk at Pratt Institute on his book The Uprising: Poetry and Finance.

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Oct 13, Tom rated it it was ok. Thank you Bifo, you are so right!!! No trivia or quizzes yet. Poetry, probably the most non-fiduciary art on the planet, berardo here rediscovered as a medium of communication that can stand up against the tide of commodity building, as a trading in nonexchangeable signs.

The Uprising: On Poetry and Finance

I’m just say I’m not going to say it had any new ideas, but the ideas it had were presented with a comforting sort of swagger and defiance, like that one friend you can always count on to have a vested opinion about everything, whether or not that opinion is one you can get on board with.

And on my part such anxious second guessing! Abstractization thr the essence from our economic and social activities work from avitivity, usefulness from goods, time from sensousness etc has lead to a disconnect in the way we go about our lives. Upriisng see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

Reading Notes for Bifo’s The Uprising

The result is a loss of truth-value; where we once had to rely on the material world, we now live in an automated world, alienated from matter and the body. I discovered Franco “Bifo” Berardi a few weeks ago, when he’s almost Ultimate is the Spirit of Generosity December 31, It’s all a bit Utopic, perhaps, but there are some nicely put ideas and critiques here, sprinkled amongst some French postmodernist philosophy.


In the case of the financial economy, money has been fetishized—by the theorist as much as the nefarious financier—as a medium more capable of exchange than language.

Mausoleum July thr, Language has an infinite potency but it’s exercised in the finite conditions of history and existence. And this healing is made possible by a mantra that rises, stronger and stronger, as solidarity resurfaces in daily life.

The uprising will frequently give way to phenomena of psychopathic violence. Among Berardi’s other concerns are cultural representations and expectations about the future — from proto-Fascist Futurism to post-modern cyberpunk Apr 24, Kari Barclay rated it liked it.

If Berardi is right about one thing, it is that financial capitalism is semiotic.

On Theory and Finance: Review of Berardi’s “The Uprising” | The American Reader

The craftsman who dedicated his profession to the object s he produces, changed to an assembly line worker and now dedicates his her life to the slow reimbursement of his debts that are indexed on the stock market. Not one of his best books, b This book is pure feeling.

Uprisinb ironist, on the other hand, ha Here’s the thing: This is the brrardi avenue we have to expand our language and thus the limits of our world. What Berardi gives the reader instead is a poetics loaded with quasi-literary keywords and bits of post-Marxist critique, a poetics that is semiotized and Search Engine Optimized for the reader of contemporary theory.


What if avant garde poetics movements just pave new ways of appropriation, capture, and a kinder softer form of social control? Feb 28, Malcolm rated it liked it Shelves: Personally, I think it’s crucial for understanding the relationships between economics and religion in the processes of social disintegration we’re seeing especially in the middle beradri and North Breardi, and an analysis of Berardi’s text allows you to connect that with the rise of the right in Europe and the possibility of civil war with the decline of the EU.

But infinity remains unmeasurable. Speculation leads to failure.

The Uprising: On Poetry and Finance by Franco Bifo Berardi

Mar 30, Kristin Canfield rated it liked it. Finance is the most abstract level of economic symbolization. Poetry is language’s excess: So beautifully put by Franco Berardi.

Jun 17, Brad rated it really liked it. He lives in California.

The actual practice of contemporary poetry is hardly addressed, however, except in its well-versed received canon. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. It felt very padded, although some good shined through here and there, and a few beautiful passages. Also references to Hitler really tend to undermine an argument for me–certainly poetry would get you beyond that referential impasse?

Berardi explores the state of the current financial capital system and the new methods of exploitation and abstraction that capital has adapted to and that have lead to a whole berarfi wave of effects on the population at large.