Up to now most of the ballastless track systems, which have been built on Ballastless track systems using discrete rail seats as well as systems with sleeper . The Group (formerly ‘Pfleiderer track systems’) was involved from the earliest days in a leading role for the development of ballastless track systems. At the beginning of the s, the ÖBB started using ballastless track systems. During the first phase (from until ), several different types of ballastless .

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Today, the situation of the Turkish federal railway company, TCDD, shows the following statistic performance source: Track systems installed on asphalt supporting layers predominantly feature direct-support configurations: In that period, approximately 22, meters of ballastless track were built.

Secondly, this approach neglects documented evidence of baolastless essential for the permanence of a ballastless track. Schilder was in charge of Track Technologies.

To increase the safety of railway tunnels, this field of usage gets more and more important in Austria. I agree to the terms and privacy policy. While numbers vary depending on construction type and track infrastructure ballastless tracks are generally more suitable to infrastructures that are also made of concrete, as is the case in tunnels or on viaductsthe Deutsche Bahn estimated in that construction costs of ballastless tracks are 40 percent higher than those of traditional superstructure.

The engineering design of this model guarantees a high degree of exactness in track gauge, as well as in overall track geometry. The engineering design of this model guarantees a high degree of exactness in systej gauge, as well as in overall track geometry.


At the moment, the maximum line speed is kilometres per hour. Ballastless tracks can be built on either asphalt or concrete supporting layers. Related topics Track Systems.

Ballastless Track

ONE engineers and concrete technologists, however, succeeded in confirming that the two criteria are not entirely contradictory, after more detailed consideration of the ballasstless involved. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. By pooling of our expertise we utilize all synergies in order to maximize the benefits for the customers. Website development by e-Motive Media Limited. Cross acceptance enables official approval of an existing, proven system on the basis of evidence of conformity provided to show conformity only with those requirements that are different from already existing official approvals.

On the other hand, systems implemented with concrete supporting layers offer the selection among an optimal diversity of models with homogeneous system structures.

Ballastless track systems: top performance on a firm foundation

The application of these bridge standards to railway tracks entails two disadvantages. The pre-customized sizing additionally shstem the cutting waste of the matting to a minimum. Starting from the basis of traditional trough-track designs with mono-block sleepers, RHEDA track models were further developed to track systems with bi-block sleepers. One special challenge that proved to be a major problem during the course of ballastlsss project was water management and drainage in the tunnel.

In many cases, a maintenance-free track system is indeed the more cost-effective solution over the long run.

Implementation includes consideration of a ballastpess number of vibration-relevant parameters, and the use of multi-degree-of-freedom MDOF track model provides prediction of insertion loss for vibration isolation.

The stated consortium is responsible for planning — especially for approval procedures and preparation of construction drawings and traco construction of the ballastless track for approximately 10km in five tunnels, including delivery of the bi-block concrete sleepers required. ONE portfolio profile is rounded off by consulting services within track technology: Rail traffic is reaching out toward new horizons on ballastless track systems.


PCM AG -Ballastless Track Systems

Within the consortium, RAIL. It shows a lot of advantages for applications in tunnels, on bridges and on surface lines. Concrete assures affectiveness of the bond between the sleeper and supporting concrete slab. Horizontal efforts are transmitted to the ground by a steel stopper or fastening system, made of two concentric cylinders that slide along each other, allowing the free vertical movement of the slab.

A unique monitoring system has been planned for this line to prevent terrorist-motivated attacks. For the first time, Deutsche Bahn AG applied this new technology on a full systsm of track: Within the context of the project, furthermore, IRCON also took part in the planning and construction of numerous bridges.

The RHEDA RX ballastless track system masters with ease the great loads arising from metro transport and minimizes undesirable vibrations. Track-system technology for the railway infrastructure of the twenty-first century.

Frequently, authorities refuse to accept the regulatory framework on which the ballwstless official approval had originally been based — which means that the system is formally considered to be a new development.

The typical behaviour of a ballasted track shows the elasticity in the ballast itself and in the rail fastening system. This partnership with the Indian Railways is continuing for more than three decades.