Following a request from Shree Saubhagbhai of Sayla, Shrimad Rajchandra composed the great Atma Sidhi Shastra in the town of Nadiad, Gujarat. The

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Shri Atmasiddhi Shastra Vivechan Self Study Kit – Downloads – Shrimad Rajchandra Mission Dharampur

Knowledge of gujraati is liberation. Atma chhe te nitya chhe, chhe karta neejkarma Chhe bhokta vali moksha chhe, Moksha upay sudharma. Even in various states sitting, walking, sleeping etc.

Lalluji Maharaj appreciates this letter as follows: He then goes on to discuss the characteristics of the false believer and the true seeker of self. It propounds six fundamental truths on soul which are also known as satapada six steps. The verses 92 to discuss the path to liberation and qualities of shzstra seeker of knowledge.

He can very easily see that these six steps are the highest decisions of the human Soul.

Hence liberation is impossible. The two types of mohaniya karmas— Darshana mohaniya karman perception deluding and Charitra mohaniya karman Conduct deluding —can be destroyed by enlightenment and detachment.

Atmasivdhi NadiadKaira District of Gujarat, one of the disciple of Shrimad, Sobhagyabhai requested him to put up the subject matter of the letter in a poetry form, as it would be difficult to memorise the letter. The guru explains that the body is merely a non-sentient form and xtmasiddhi cannot determine the birth and death of sentience.


Views Read Edit View history. The pupil notes that there are so many religious paths and creed that it is difficult to understand which path leads to salvation. He was born at,asiddhi Vavania Bandar, a village in Saurashtra, Gujarat.

Atma Siddhi – Wikipedia

He then instructed Ambalal to make out four copies of the manuscript and give one copy each to his disciples; Sobhagyabhai, Ambalal himself, Lalluji Maharaj and Zaveri Maneklal Ghelabhai. Diwali Mahavir Jayanti Paryushana Samvatsari.

This direction of six steps is shown by all knowing great saints with a view to help a Jiva to gujaarti its ego, developed by its suffering in its beginningless deluded state, and its strong feeling of mine and thine and so to be completely free from it. His full name was Raichandbhai Ravjibhai Mehta.

Since action needs inspiration from consciousness, karma is neither self-inspired nor the atmasirdhi of the soul, nor inspired by God. Atmasiddhi is highly revered amongst the followers of Shrimad. It has removed our doubts, confirmed our faith in the fundamentals of Jainism and those of all religions in general, namely the nature and development of soul.

Self-Study Kit

He is grateful to his guru and sings extolment and praise of his guru. This page was last edited on 2 Octoberat The pupil raises the following arguments: Buddhism Hinduism Islam Sikhism Non-creationism. Hence the pupil concludes the soul shstra not exist and so there is no question of bondage or liberation.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Archived from the original PDF on July 10, Shrimad further notes that: The sentient substance soul is characterized by the function of understanding, is incorporeal, performs actions doeris co-extensive with its own body.

Similarly, the soul also bears the result of its karma, even though the karma is lifeless. Atma Siddhi is a philosophical poetry of verses that explains the fundamental philosophical truths about the soul and its liberation. The disciples doubt regarding self as the author of its actions karma and guru’s explanation is discussed in verses 71 to Samyak darsana originates either intuitively by nature, that is, in the automatic course of affairs or through attainment that is, through external means like instruction etc.

According to the legend, when Sobhagyabha gujqrati Shrimad, it was already night time. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. He was also highly regarded by Mahatma Gandhi. They atmasidrhi called Atmarthiwhich literally means one who seeks attmasiddhi being of his soul [13] A true seeker seeks out a true guru and obeys his commands.