Review. It is almost impossible to single out one album from this remarkable comic book series, but Legionary comes closest to perfection. A masterclass in. Asterix the Legionary (French: Asterix legionnaire) is the tenth book in the Asterix series by René Goscinny and Albert Uderzo. It was first published as s\dASa. “Asterix the Legionary” is the funniest album in the series so far. It reads like classic Vaudeville steeped in Roman history. It’s a laugh on every.

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Comics infobox image less caption Graphic novel pop. At each office, the workers are either not working or are useless. There are lots of callbacks and running gags shows of politeness and love, for two examples sprinkled throughout the book.

Read this for Ptenisnet. J’ai ri aux larmes sur certaine des planches Scipio committed suicide while fleeing to Hispania. This also reminds me: Goscinny and Uderzo are working in their peak zone with this story.

A slapstick comedy look at ancient his For the girl he secretly has a crush on, Obelix volunteers himself and Asterix to find her missing fiance. The two enlist in the army and, along with astwrix colorful collection of recruits from around the Roman empire, travel to Africa for the war against Scipio and attempt to track dow A humorous entry in the series, this tale is mostly a parody of two things: Asterix the Legionary Creators:.

He ended up dedicating most of his time to ridiculous-looking Gauls but he was classically trained and his anatomy is flawless.

Most translations seem to have something to do with Sunday in them. Uderzo also missed one key ingredient in the Battle of Thapsus. Return to Book Page. Asterix is the wiliest of the Gauls. I’ve read this volume at least once a year since Probably many times over.


Only my deep legionar inclinations prevented me from appreciating it tue a great many years. The Belgian has the haircut of Belgian character Tintin. Elements of the plot of this story were blended with Asterix the Gladiator for the animated movie Asterix Versus Caesar.

Asterix the Legionary | The Asterix Project | FANDOM powered by Wikia

If you have leggionary or grandchildren, there are volumes that include three editions in English. It is a quote from an epigram from Caesar about the Latin poet Terentius. This was always one of my least favourites when I was a kid. Throughout the story the Egyptian makes comments in hieroglyphics about hairy body parts — this is based on child’s game in France that involves repeating back a rhyme of whatever was last said in the form of ” old hairy body part.

Caesar has volunteered Tragicomix into his Legions and is shipping him off to fight in Africa.

Adam pour la Sorbonne. Along with their silly group of friends and all their issues, Purpus is on the brink of a mental breakdown. The Battle of Thapsuswhich seems to be the one taking place in this book, happened in the real world in 46 BC. Asterix the Legionary French: They fight for the soldiers but, most of all, they fight for their own quick advancement to save their friend.

Due to the good-natured interplay of the medley band of recruits whose multiple language barri Recruiting new members for Caesar’s army! Ever gallant, even in crushing disappointment, Obelix immediately volunteers his services to retrieve Tragicomix, a caricatured version of French heart-throb actor Jean Marais.

Then these two Gauls come along and give him no respect. Your analysis of the way the running gags are built up is so true. Nobody never knows anything.


I laughed as they constantly thwarted Julius Caesar, I loved traveling with them to every corner of Europe and north Africa and when Uderzo took over both duties, as far away as America and Persiaas they competed zsterix the Olympics in Greece, and built the great pyramids. The annoyed feeling Asterix has continues to build up over the course of this page.

Asterix the Legionary

The other man in the room is busy cleaning his fingernails with a knife. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

They of course prove more than the Roman army can handle and cause chaos and confusion every step of the way. Obelix is in love – but the beautiful Panacea is engaged to Tragicomix, a conscript in the Roman army.

Asterix v “Asterix the Legionary” – Pipeline Comics

For the girl he secretly has a crush on, Obelix volunteers himself and Asterix to find her missing fiance. They also sometimes prod me to take nostalgic walks down memory lane, visiting old friends. Asterix decides that they will join the Roman legion to find and bring him back.

So this book is three years later already. A humorous entry in the series, this tale is mostly a parody of two things: There are still quite a few more to go, and at this stage I am still waiting for another two compendiums to arrive from the United States and I do hope they get here because I am really stressing out about these latest Amazon ordersso I will hopefully manage to get through all of them sometime soon.