stabilità, salvo episodi di nubi e nevischio sulle Dolomiti domenica e mercoledì, vento forte in montagna specie a inizio e fine periodo, diradamento delle nebbie. ARPA DOLOMITI. Meteo Veneto Forecasts meteo and situation of the time regional edited by harp Venetian: for the one who desires to know that a long time. What do people find to be the best weather forecast websites for the area? ARPA met office is based in Arabba, right in the middle of the Dolomites. Cookies are small text files that can be used by websites to make a.

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After the confluence of Ru Salvela with Ru Secco the debris flow discharge peak has the maximum value and that of solid discharge is nearly the half cross-section B. There is a quite good agreement between simulation results and observations along reach III: The initial solid-liquid surge hydrographs were, then, routed downstream by means of a cell model.

In addition, it is a reliability test of the models. Their difference 51, m 3 is the sediment volume that runoff entrained on the Vallon d’Antrimoia sloping plateau, upstream the Ru Salvela head. Based on these analysis and modeling results, the main conclusions of this work can be summarized as follows.

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Coupled prediction of flash flood response and debris flow occurrence: LiDARin fact, does not cover the upper part of the basins that in part changed after the cliff failure of Novemberand, the DEMs derived by points along the contour lines of the Regional Techinical Map are characterized by a poor accuracy that could cause a noticeable underestimation of the simulated peak discharge Degetto et al.

Model simulations of flood and debris flow arpa in steep catchments after wildfire.

This means an increase of the conductance coefficient and a decrease of the limit values of angle and velocity both for deposition and entrainment because the transported solid concentration decreases Armanini, Figure 8b shows the land use of the terrain interested by the phenomenon. The corresponding mean intensity values ranged between Park national Dolomites Bellunesi Nasce born to protect a territory of extraordinary landscape and naturalistic value between the Peaks of Feltre and the Mountain Serves.


This volume is increased to 52, m 3 to consider the sediment volume that reached the Boite River, so that the total mobilized sediment volume raises up to aboutm 3. Vacations solomiti the snow, comfort and relax in the heart of the Dolomites in Val of Fassa, Trentino. Clicca to open a window with a meteorological updating on the Venetian dolomitis. In fact simulated deposition depths, there, are on fi,e larger than those estimated.

UKC Forums – Best Dolomites weather forecasts?

Runoff hydrographs were, then, modeled by the rainfall-runoff model proposed by Gregoretti et al. The mass conservation is stated by means of the continuity equations of the mixture and of the solid phase, while doloomiti momentum conservation by means of simplified motion equations of the mixture after assuming equal velocities for both the solid and liquid phases according to Rosatti and Begnudelli Figure S1 shows the bottom longitudinal profile of the channel excavated by debris flow on the debris deposit covering Ru Salvela Creek with some cross-sections.

Initiation conditions for debris flows generated by runoff at Chalk Cliffs, Central Colorado. An explicit scheme is used to solve numerically the model equations with the time step computed according to the Courant-Friedrichs-Lewy stability condition. In Figures 3a4 the debris thick layer covering the Ru Salvela and Ru Secco Creeks aboutm 3 according to the computations of section 3.

Initiation processes for run-off generated debris flows in the wenchuan earthquake area of china. This debris flow routed downstream the confluence, flooding the parking of a resort area where three people died, and reached the village downstream damaging some buildings. This behavior is the consequence of the initial ifle on the bend downstream the filr followed by that of the parking on the Ru Secco side and on the terrain overlaying the culvert.

This could be the main reason for the not satisfactory simulation of the end part of the last reach V. Section 5 discusses the results and, finally, section 6 reports the conclusions. The small debris flow routed a new path on the reshaped slope, avoiding, the protection works. Gis-based cell model for simulating debris flow runout on a fan. Objective delineation of lahar-hazard zones downstream from volcanoes.


For this reason, we investigated the transition from slope to channel routing by using two different methodologies: The geomorphological analysis is essential for understanding whichever gravitative mass movement on earth, and allowing its reliable reproduction by models.

It should be stressed that the values of parameters used for running the models are mostly those resulting from the comparison between observations and simulations of other events. More details are in Boreggio et al.

dolmiti Scaling regimes of local slope versus contributing doolomiti in digital elevation models. Characterization of debris flows by rainstorm condition at a torrent on the mount yakedake volcano, Japan. The use of such a law i. At each time step tP e is given by:. The view of the cross-sections E—I, downstream the culvert with the pre and post-event bottom longitudinal profiles of the Ru Secco Creek Figure S3 shows that some reaches were subjected to deposition the larger partwhile other subjected to erosion.

In the present case, the inaccessibility of the triggering site prevented direct measurements, and the unit width triggering discharge was estimated as 0.

Multi-temporal topographical data and direct post-event surveys are important for identifying the phenomenon and its characteristics. Only the conductance coefficient, Crespect to Gregoretti et al.

In Gregoretti et al.

Summary weather bulletin for Dolomites

According to Gregoretti et al. The peak solid-liquid discharge, Q Pis computed following the relationship provided by Lanzoni et al. The five samples of material have a composition ranging in the following intervals for each type of soil: The lower image b is the landuse of terrain for the routing simulation.