characteristics of the various types of antennas listed in Table . II- Antenna E- plane: Circumferential direction of spacer. 0. Am plitude [d. B] Ver 8 • 08/ surface temperature from C. The sensor operates over a long distance via the relay and coordinator network covering a very large field as shown in the chart Figure 1. The IRT may be . Part no is SPIP-ACC24, and is an exposed antenna. See Zigbee packet or for further details. 0. CQ-C/CU. Removable Full Front MP3 WMA CD Player/Receiver with Full Dot Matrix Display and. CD Changer .. Wiring diagram, upgrading the system 1, upgrading the system 2, speaker 2/Ver. 8/Ver.9* 64 kbps− kbps No Antenna. The antenna lead is a thick, black wire with a metal plug at the end.

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Radar Setup This paragraph explains how to customize the radar display to suit your operational needs. Shifting The Picture 2.

Operate the cursor pad to select shape desired. When an alarm setting has been violated the buzzer sounds and the speaker icon appears in red on the color model.

Use the range scale of 6 or 12 nm as the spacing between the SART responses is about 0. It allows you to view and control a simulated plotter, radar and sounder picture, without position-fixing equipment, network radar or a network sounder.


Insert the appropriate chart card for your area as follows: Working With Antenja 3. Description Of Sounder Displays 4. Press any key to continue the operation.

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Plotter Setup Plotter Setup This paragraph chsrt the information necessary for setting up the plotter display. Acquiring And Tracking Targets arp Only 2. Diagnostics This paragraph provides the procedures for testing the equipment for proper operation.

vfr8.0 Range Scale Range Scale The range setting determines the size of the area in nautical miles that will appear chaart your display. A waypoint is the simplest piece of information your equipment requires to get you to a destination, in the shortest distance possible. The cursor is on the route waypoint nearest own ship. Share buttons are a little bit lower. Outputting Data Through The Network 6.

When The Alarm Is Violated The equipment then searches for targets inside the guard zone to determine the guard alarm type.

Broadband Planar Antennas – ppt video online download

Mean Value Ethiopia and Sudan What Is Waas During this developmental period, which may last for several years, there is no guarantee of the accuracy, integrity, continuity, or availability of the SBAS signal.

Data Boxes Data boxes, providing navigation data, may be fhart on any full-screen display. Results and Proposed Work March The own ship marker shows the direction and amount your ship is off course.


Nav Data Display Setup The nav data display provides various navigation data, fed from a navigator, network equipment, etc. The water temperature display requires an appropriate water temperature sensor. This is mainly due to sediment in the water or noise. A vector is a line extending from a tracked target which shows speed antdnna course of the target.

Don’t have an account? Press the [DISP] key and select a sounder display. Replacement Of Fuse 7.

sinuous antenna.

Chagt example, the position of the ship is shown to be at sea while it is in fact moored at a pier. Sets unit of range measurement.

Repeat to enter complete date. About project SlidePlayer Terms of Service.

Radar Range Setup 5. Radar Setup Radar Setup This paragraph explains how to customize the radar display to suit your operational needs. Turn the power on. Available ranges depends on the network radar used.

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Function Key Turn heading line off. Current level is shown on the bar. If… position is not fixed within!