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My first attempted remedy wasto arrange the months in the pairs December-January, February-March, etc.,instead of in January-February, March-April, etc. Wednesday, June 14, 1893. She was in front of me, my arm draped over her. Dear Ben, The women of Avantika are fond of foul pleasures, and have not goodmanners.

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Certain kinds of study had a distinct effect upon the sexual organs, namely, difficult Latin and German translations and problems in fractions. Interval of six years between first and second son.

His nurse-maid used to invent excuses for beating his nates with a long lead-pencil when he was aged about 7, and he saw occasional whippings with clothes removed in the family nursery. He is now happily married. The female hippopotamus in theZoölogical Gardens has been observed to exhibit monthly sexual excitement,with swelling and secretion from the vulva. And hers as well. Hence, the lingering at the touching can hardly be considered aperversion if the sexual act is proceeded with.