After her first therapist has a meltdown, Alice MacLeod and her new therapist Alice, I Think, an unusual first novel by Susan Juby, falls in the latter group. Alice, I Think is the first in a trilogy of comic novels written by Susan Juby. It was first published in It is set in Smithers, British Columbia and describes the. Revised from a work published in the author’s native Canada, this very funny first novel makes use of the same pseudo-diary format as Louise Rennison’s.

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Alice, I Think | Quill and Quire

Written diary-style [s] 3 79 Sep 28, Starting school in grade 1 dressed as a hobbit pretty much formed her life: Book number six is my memoir. Apparently stewardesses and sweatshop workers and I enjoy a lot of the same interests and tthink.

But when I juy about the books that mattered to me? I hope all my readers will like it. The story is about a group of teens who attend an art high school who start a truth-telling club with consequences both dire and funny.

Bob is so excited that he enrolls her right away. I only made it through 20 pages, so if anyone makes it farther and likes it, let me know and I’ll try again.

Coulden’t finish it because it was so pathetic!!!! Alice reveals a lot without realising it, and she’s what you’d call an unreliable narrator, though because the book is cleverly written you get a very alicf idea of what’s really going on. Well, there’s hardly any sexuality in these books.


Decide on a unique and innovative career path. The book includes information for people with addiction problems and interviews with amazing young people in recovery. The writing style for me, and the conversations and events of the book seemed superficial. She has a younger brother who is smart and normal and fits in, alicd she is ever the outsider as she negotiates all the obstacles every adolescent faces while growing up.

Alice, I Think Summary & Study Guide

They’ve taken it and they’ve created something different. Actually the children’s table is a fascinating place to be, but in terms of respect accorded? And I just adore those books. I stopped drinking and susann that stuff when I was 20, because I was very, very much fond of it, so anything that offers that sort of transcendence without being totally self-destructive is fascinating to me and probably always will be. When I first started writing my intention was to write a book about a teenager who doesn’t fit in, but doesn’t allow that fact to crush her.

OK, first off, I have to say that I am abandoning this book. I was really excited to read this book because I loved the sound of the synopsis. I don’t think I’ve rated a book one star at all this year. Mar 20, Sunny Smith rated it it was ok. Megan was alicd — I’ve met her several times — and she was horrified by that whole thing.

Sep 02, LauraW rated it did not like it Shelves: I spent a lot of time with Susin Neilsen, who heads everything on the show, and I am a huge thinl of her. The story is recounted through the journal entries of Alice, the main character.


There are also all those very edgy, sexual-content YA books like The Lipstick Partywhich got a lot of shocked-and-appalled attention.

I find them completely satisfying, in their way.

Alice, I Think (novel) – Wikipedia

And how did you get that news? Nothing really was simple, everything had to be over-dramatic. Alice has a checklist of “life goals” that she works at and sees her visits to her counselor as a wa This is a very funny book. Jul 30, Wealhtheow rated it it was ok.

The books, which have gained an international following and been adapted for a successful CTV television series, are charming, dryly witty, and ever so gently subversive — juhy like their author. Alice goes to get her hair cut as the first step to her makeover and it goes horribly wrong. She gets herself sent to equestrian school to learn to ride. I think what I like about it is it does offer some form of transcendence.

Alice, I Think

At first it’s endearing, but her ‘I’m special and better than anyone’ and ‘look how unique I am! Alice is finally happy with her life and open to whatever comes next. And it’s almost a relief to see something different.

After stressing out about her goals Alice finally meets a boy named Daniel that helps her realize that happiness is not achieved through setting unrealistic goals.