Music has always been esteemed for its power to speak directly to our higher consciousness. Alain Danielou traces the development of musical scales and. In this book, Alain Danielou traces the development of musical scales and tuning from their origins in both China and India, through their merging in ancient. Music and the Power of Sound by Alain Danielou, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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If nobody can do it, where do all these different scales come from?.

As there is no concrete basis on which such a theory can be built, I do not propose to discuss it. In danieloi West, in spite of the havoc created by the tempered scale, it is quite easy to find the continuity of Celtic modes from Scotland to North Africa, while the modes of Spanish gypsies are actually Indian modes, even in minute details of execution. Many imagine that it would be best to combine both systems, as has often been attempted.

An interval of one sruti in this case simply means the smallest interval melodically possible above the musc note of the tetrachord.

Music and the Power of Sound : Alain Danielou :

Herein lies the inner difference of significance between the two Dorian modes, between the Lydian and the Hypolydian, and so on. Mfenech rated it it was amazing Jun 05, Another element of Western music that has something fhe common with the raga is the figured bass, which leaves every possibility open for variation but defines the expressive outline in advance.


Only on this basis can modes be logically constructed and their expression precisely defined. This crucial parameter has obvious soynd in most aspects of present-day music. Michael Maier, the seventeenth-century hermeticist and physician, attempted to determine these relations: T hey have analyzed and classified all possible ratios and relations between sounds.

According to Gevaert, the enharmonic was obtained by dividing the half tones to obtain a modal scale of seven tones.

Music and the Power of Sound : The Influence of Tuning and Interval on Consciousness

The spiral of fifths 38 6. I like to see this thought-provoking book as a thoroughly well-researched essay that touches on subjects that most curious musicians would have pondered on: In the sixth chapter of The Ten Strokes o f the Wings, Confucius gives the following correspondences daniekou the eight trigrams: Let us examine their instruments. Danielu is the number of wood and also that of the dragon of the eastern sea scaly species.

The institution of the zodiac is the result of the application of the number twelve to the supreme sphere.

This is why we shall find in music the same abd, the same geometry, the same particular numbers that are found in other aspects of the universe.

Each sound forms with its own harmonics a complex chord possessing in itself a precise meaning.

Music And The Power Of Sound – Alain Danielou | Ram Chandra राम चन्द्र 51 –

This is also the case, for example, with Gregorian plainchant, where the tonic is always uncertain. The main divisions are therefore: This is called the Pythagorean comma, and is approximately equal to a fifty-third of an octave. This is an allusion to celestial action.


T he E n h a rm on ic G enus According to Western interpretation, the enharmonic genus divides each tetrachord into eight, one, and one dieses, that is to say, into a ditone two major tones and two quarter tones ex. This system makes the comparison of intervals very easy.

For our investigation, musical intervals appear under two aspects: Oriental instrumentalists, who care only for the practice of their music, having noted that the interval of a major tone contains three notes and that the major tone is thus divided into four parts, have given the name of quarto- tone to each one of these four parts.

The sense corresponding to each of these elements can also perceive the lower elements but not the higher ones. Book ratings by Goodreads. Such an outlook is quite astonishing to one who is not used to such egalitarian conceptions. T he modal system therefore permits a much more accurate, powerful, and detailed outlining of what the music expresses.

Violinists and singers are danidlou most surprised if one measures the intervals they are actually using. Before we can study the relations between sounds, it is essential for us to know their nature.