*AIMCAT hits the ground today.* *It is an Uninvigilated AIMCAT to be held from 4th to 8th June, # Please update you actual scores in the Poll. We have AIMCAT starting up tomorrow Use this thread to discuss all about (Scores, Read posts, connect with users. (Page 30). F – 00 _RJEZMTU_ Aimcat pdf download -?? CIS – Web Development for Educators CIS HTML Tutorials 3 & 4.

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It was in November last year.

Attempt the Qs that are easy first and leave the tough ones for later. It was 97 percentile in the gen category aimmcat around for others. They are not given in the time material.

AIMCAT 1315 – Season 2012-13 ( Please don’t open if you have not taken the test )

Count the average number of summary Qs that have appeared in CAT over the aimvat Count the total number of Q types in RC Even for questions from areas which have not been covered, do attempt them.

Can you suggest anything to improve this? What is important is how much you have been able to learn in a day aimcah not how much time you spent. Read at a sufficiently fast speed bu not so fast that you cannot comprehend. Your preparation for CAT is akin to running on a treadmill- you have to keep running to stay where you are.


AIMCAT 1315:Discussion Thread

Look at those you got right to know if you got them right for the right reason. The expected cut-offs mentioned there are based on our aumcat of the difficulty. There is not consistency in my performance in the two sections. Do you think I have a good chance of making it to an IIM? Answered a similar query, plz chk the transcript.

Please give some suggestion or tricks for selecting the question in DI. Sync your speed with your classes. At the same time, read an english newspaper everyday, and note down any new words that your come across. Hi Girija The scores in the aimcats are a reflection of your knowledge levels and your conceptual clarity.

CAT is usually not a test of vocabulary. Spending quality time and having a substantial learning everyday is important.

This way, you will start thinking more. I am unable to attempt RC questions with good accuracy due to lack of time. Do not give up. Is vocabulary of difficult words necessary for scoring in VA?

Also, a last sentence doesn’t typically begin with a aimcatt word like “howeve”,”but”, etc, right?

To leave all RC’s and attempt every other question correctly or to do all questions with less accuracy? Sir, since the “Analysis of Aimcat” always appears long after the results are out, why is it that the cut-offs are predicted sometimes wrongly?

Hi I am very bad in Geometry and Mensuration. So how should I re begin with??! Place it in a group of words with similar meanings synonyms.


Once you understand the passage, attempting each question would not take too much time. If you aimccat that as being a source of depression then you will only face a bigger depression on the actual day!

Chat Transcript

Let aimcaat difficult vocabulary become a speed breaker in your exam. Attempt it if you have time and who knows, you might get it right! Hi sir,how to increase accuracy in verbal. To begin with its a good performance, but there is no point in feeling content with this performance, work hard and try to improve further.

Also look at those you left out to understand why you were not able aimcay attempt them.

Take it in the right spirit. It is a useful tool to improve your vocab.

F – 00 _RJEZMTU_

Sir, in aiim cat should we take look at all 30 questions first and then try to attempt or should we attempt questions as in order thomas: Please tell me ways to improve it. Practise each model of aikcat from the exercises given. Experience is not compulsory Be flexible in ur approach to PFQ Question type.