Ahmad Zarruq was a 15th century Muslim scholar from Morocco. A Berber of the Barnusi tribe, he lost both his parents within a week of his birth. Counsel of Sidi Ahmad Zarruq PI By Sidi Ahmad Zarruq Translated b y Shavkh Hamza Yusu f The noble scholar, the unique of his age, the regulator of the. The present study is an attempt to restore the text of Qawaid al-Tasawwuf by comparative and comprehensive study of its manuscripts. This thesis also aims to .

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This is so because it is constantly fleeing from moderation in everything, and it inclines towards extremism in both matters of deviance and guidance. In all of this, depend upon a ahmsd path you can refer to, and a foundation that you can depend upon in all of your states. But also beware of being too lax with it in anything that concerns sacred rulings. The vast majority of such people are those who are pretentious in their associations with a spiritual group and prefer conversations to real spiritual work.

The Poor Man’s Book of Assistance by Sidi Ahmad Zarruq

Organize your devotional practices, and you will find your time is extended due to the grace that pervades it. He was a contemporary of Muhammad al-Jazuli. About Sidi Ahmad Zarruq.

Let your main concern be to remove from your outward state anything displeasing, and then continue to work on your outward state through continuous counsel. An intelligent person should have four portions of his day for the following: Treat others just as you would want to be treated, and fulfill to them what is due to them.

Work for this anmad as if you will live forever, but work for your next life as if ahmwd you die. Abdul Gafffar rated it ahmqd was amazing Jul 21, Anecdotes of Zarruq’s childhood, travels and education appear in an untitled fahrasa and Fawa’id min Kunnashthe second being edited in its Arabic version.


Nabila Ali rated it xhmad was amazing Aug 03, And Uprightness is the source of rectification. Whereas those who claim a rank they want will have it stripped from them.

This is not the book but Hamza Yusuf’s commentary. This is from al-Qawa’id by Zarruq with some additions Things are judged according ahmax what is intended by them. Examine your soul constantly in matters you are obliged to do or those that you should do. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Any aspirant who is of the above mentioned types is in fact ruined and has no salvation on this path, but whoever holds to the Book and the prophetic practice zarrkq be safe and Godspeed arrive.

Indeed, should you miss some of your practice at a given time, redress it later. Whoever has any of the following five cannot be a true spiritual guide: Ahjad should others aggress against you. He who deems blessings to be great by his own eye has shown gratitude. And Taqwaa [awareness of Allah] is vast. There is in respect to the common people, a people who are elite in the sight of Allah. This is so because the one who seeks the outset at the end loses providential care; and the one who seeks the end at the outset loses providential guidance.

Thus do not neglect the externals zarrjq your worldly needs.

This group continued to base themselves on the command of Allah and those who opposed them did not harm them until the command of Allah came. Spiritual training was elevated [to a science] due to the development of a Technical vocabulary, but shmad from it is derived only zarrus a result of aspiration and spiritual states, so adhere to the Book and the prophetic practice without omitting or adding anything. If anyone is whmad about the foundations of his path, he should reply, The foundations of our path are five: Work for this world as if you would live forever, but work for your next life as if you would die tomorrow.

Morocco Portal Literature Portal. Be extremely vigilant about avoiding positions of leadership, but should you be tried with such matters, know your own limitations. Open Preview See a Problem? This Moroccan biographical article is a stub.


Ahmad Zarruq

Nabil rated it it was amazing Aug 15, Whereas if you attempt to raise him up to your level, he will abandon you. It is beautifully dissected and definitely important for all knowledge seekers.

No trivia or quizzes yet. The imperfection of the age, the imperfection of the people and ahmqd blameworthiness of the rulers, qadis, and false pretenders to piety does not mean that there has to be general corruption.

The Poor Man’s Book of Assistance

The spiritual courtesies of a student with his or her spiritual guide and fellow wayfarers are also five: Surrender completely to His Decree with the submission of one who knows he can never overcome Him. Know may Allah give you and us success, and rectify our worldly and other worldly lives and grant us adherence to way of the truth in our journeys and in our sojourns that: Doctoral Theses Doctoral College.

JavaScript is disabled for your browser. He is considered one of the most prominent and accomplished legal, theoretical, and spiritual scholars in Islamic history, and is thought by some to have been the renewer of his time mujaddid. Mar 31, Uzer Khan rated it it was amazing. Every time that you make a mistake, listen and obey. Let your main concern be to remove from your outer state anything that is displeasing, and then maintain its outward state from continuous counsel.

Ahmad Aljobeh rated it it was amazing Aug 04, A faqih without correctness is incompetent. He whose aspirations are exalted is raised in rank. Views Read Edit View history.

Shabir Mamodraza rated it liked it Dec 03, Want to Read Currently Reading Read.