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The limit of such loathing is frequently purelyconventional; he who kisses fervently the lips of a pretty girl willperhaps be able to use her tooth brush only with a sense of loathing,though there is no reason to assume that his own oral cavity for whichhe entertains no loathing is cleaner than that of the girl. There is, however, anallied and corresponding desire which is very often clearly or latentlypresent in the woman: a longing for pleasure that is stolen or forbidden.

Looking back upon those days, I feel that I was a little inclined to pass on from one love to another, but each was a genuine devotion, and involved real hard work on the lad’s behalf.

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It is an exception only in appearance if ahysterical person, say a man, becomes subject to some banal emotionaldisturbance, to a conflict in the center of which there is no sexualinterest. Andrea’s thigh was smooth against Rebecca’s hand as she held it open, opening her up while slowly sliding her hand closer to the middle of Andrea’s legs. met a man of his own age who had lived in that neighborhood at the same time. In no other attitude is the splendid beauty of his plumage displayed to such advantage.

Surely they knew THAT!

The fact of the two sexes is usually first accepted by the child withoutstruggle and hesitation.

It assumes the existence of a kind of instinct which can withdifficulty be accepted.

6) quotes from Rufus to the effect that sexual feeling is most strong in spring, and least so in summer.

(This agrees with Freud’s conceptionof the neurotic subject.) With few exceptions I myself doubt whether thefemale child can be seduced to anything but clitoris masturbation.