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The one thing which they do not like, and at which they show anger, is that such persons look carefully at their uncovered feet. At first, a remote and seemingly inaccessible ideal, as it comes nearer it grows human and individual, and emerges from the region of dream, ceasing not to be loved as ideal, even when it is possessed as real.

66 A minor manifestation of this tendency, appearing even in quitenormal and well-conditioned individuals, is the impulse among boys at andafter puberty to take pleasure in persecuting and hurting lower animals ortheir own young companions.

It isnatural that the police-official should find that his cases are largelymere examples of disgusting vice and crime.

I do not know how my experience compares with other women’s, but I feel sure that in my case the time needed is longer than usual, and the longer the better, always, with me.

He told me he felt like an off-kilter child during his first five years in the country. Most were somewhere in the middle. “The slave of his senses runs after women; but he who loveswith his soul and strives to win immortality through virtue and wisdom,seeks a great and beautiful soul that he may surrender himself to itcompletely.” The boy was given to the one who was hurt the least. Her movements became agitated; I approached her, and really believe that she was uttering affectionate expressions; she had become red. Listen up, girlfriend, because science is on your side when you wait.

Sanford Bell, in his study of the emotion of love in children, finds that showing-off is an essential element in the love of children in what he terms the second stage (from the eighth to the twelfth year in girls and the fourteenth in boys). The figure was obviously headed towards a small white object.