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and Edmund went to college at different places, but they met in vacations and wrote frequent and ardent love-letters.

Friday, March 27, 1893.

Under its spell,reason is flung to the winds, and matters of great mundane moment aretrivial and of no account: for it bewilders the wit and snatches thejudgment of sane and rational men.

Gloria was watching television when Mary texted: She responded back.

He offered his elbow, which I took, and led us through the hotel, to the valet station.

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All about it and about are beauty, friendship, mirth,and gladness; the sea and the earth and the sky; color and music andsong; and to each, if he wills it, wife, or husband, and children andhome.Wanting iswhat?Ah! Looking at the gravity, they’re making pretty good sales too. It must, in any case, have assisted to create apredisposition. Lastly, since even that supernal thing Love is not unconcernedwith matters practical,(iii) It bespeaks as prophetic suspicion of the little fact that perhapsit is well to go to her husband’s home abundantly provided with daintyraiment, inasmuch as the man not in love is not always so delicatelysensible of their need.

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