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Still it throws some light on the nature of the sexual impulse,that it should suffer such great variation and depreciation of itsobject, a thing which hunger, adhering more energetically to its object,would allow only in the most extreme cases.

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“In this stage there is no tyranny of man over woman, as in thesexual stage; no subjection of man to woman, as in the woman-worship ofthe Middle Ages; but complete equality of the sexes, a mutual give andtake. It shareswith the purely metaphysical love the lover’s longing to raise hismistress above him and glorify her without any ulterior object anddesire. The Arabs, indeed, are particularly extravagant in their admiration of this natural beauty spot, which, according to its place, is compared to a drop of ambergris upon a dish of alabaster or upon the surface of a ruby.

ii of these Studies).