In his final graphic novel, the late Hicklenton (Nemesis the Warlock; Judge Dredd ) leaves us with a haunting and powerful legacy. In a work that. Title: Months. Author: John Hicklenton. Type: Fiction. Page Count/Review Word Count: Rating: 8/ John Hicklenton was one of Britain’s leading comic book artists, who took his own life in March with the assistance of Dignitas in Zurich.

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Oct 28, Dane Cobain rated it really liked it.

The artist stretches and mutilates the human form, showing just how fragile and pathetic we really are. This is razor thin on plot, more of a poem, really, but it is razor sharp in monhs rage and impotent wrath. I was not hicklrnton impresse. Enjoy the art, enjoy the story, but don’t expect a new jlhn motive or anything.

And often times it was on one page she had the wrappings on her hands and feet, but then on the very next page, she didn’t. Jun 14, Ed rated it it was amazing. It was too much art and words with too little substance for me. I understand why some wouldn’t be interested in a book like this, but it got me. In the same way that Ed Norton’s furious monologue to himself in the mirror in the film “25th Hour” which starts slowly and gradually grows into a maelstrom of anger against everything 10 perceives is wrong with the world, ” Months” sees the protagonist set off on the journey to presumably Hell until eventually the words and images swirl and take in aspects of our own modern 21st century culture.

There are no discussion topics on mlnths book yet. He was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis inand took his own life in March It doesn’t have much of a plot, and what there is doesn’t necessarily hang together very well demon of apocalypse is hixklenton, loves Jesus, hates pigs. Trivia About Months: I couldn’t stop thinking about it for a while. The artwork is simply incredible, and would certainly find a home within the liner notes of a heavy metal album.

John Hicklenton, the author of this piece of work, went on to take his own life at the Jojn clinic in Zurich. The art is perfect for the story being told with all its brutality but in many places underlying beauty.

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His final graphic novel is a parable of environmental devastation, depicting the quest of Mara, Warrior and Earth Goddess, as she seeks revenge against jonn Longpig: Its a heap of symbolic struggle with modern morality, death, and a dash of spirituality. A parable and an ode and a monologue all in one.

This book was like a written version of heavy metal. Finished this only a few minutes after getting home from the library! Dark, brutal, and grotesque, as I suppose befits the final work of a tortured horror artist immediately before taking his hicklejton life.

I welcome any and all discussions on meaning, if you have a better idea. You’re either on board with this or you’re not, and if not, I don’t think it reflects poorly on you. Jul 21, Sam Quixote rated it it was amazing.

The ebook version I read had tiny writing and did not offer the option to zoom, so I missed out on some of the text when I simply couldn’t decipher it. Refresh and try again. I got the feeling the book was cathartic for Hicklenton as he worked through his own feelings of impending death as the book finishes in a beautiful way that I won’t spoil for the reader.

A wonderful and brutal story of the endtimes. Lists with This Book. Somewhere among the notions of narrative poem, comic, allegory? It’s wonderful though that before he chose to leave he left us one final masterpiece to treasure. However, in terms of the writing itself, I really don’t know what to think.

100 Months: The End of All Things

The characters offer appeared to be in the same poses throughout the book and I felt some images were a bit stagnant. The art is brutal beyond belief and you can pretty much expect to be upset each time you turn the page, but the images are also extremely visually arresting. Normally, I’d just call it bad and move on, but in this, it actually worked for me as part of the book’s bizarre, hallucinatory feel and it nicely echoes the more hardcore Biblical prophesies, William Blake, et al.


To ask other readers questions about Monthsplease sign up. Return to Book Page. The writing is ridiculous – “I will make a riddle of your heads and limbs.

Dec 13, Heather L. Maybe I would have been more satisfied with no words, or maybe even an extremely pared down version of the words, leaving much more of the story to my imagination. Uncompromising, brutal, incredibly visceral and bare, ” Months” walks the line between genres like horror and fantasy to acquire the tones of philosophy and spiritualism.

Months: The End of All Things by Johnny Hicklenton

Looked and read like the inlay booklet for a bad hickelnton black metal band. The world of the Longpig is rich in killing fields and scenes of mass crucifixion that recall Goya, Blake, and Bacon, and represents a true crossover of the graphic novel form with fine art. I had never heard of him before and only stumbled across this book on my library’s ereading app. Both stunning and grotesque, this graphic novel is intensely visual, while also being minimalist in presentation.

Extraordinarily dynamic imagery, though not exactly entertaining. Oct 13, Andrew Pixton rated it it was amazing Shelves: This is all of Mother Earth’s apoplectic, vengeful anger at the abuse and betrayal by her own children poured out on This was a fascinating one.

May 07, Twan rated it did not like it Shelves: The absurd writing had a visceral effect on me too.

The artist is working though some serious emotions which is understandable when you know your death is imminent and it is a fascinating ride. This is all of Mother Earth’s apoplectic, vengeful anger at the abuse and betrayal by her own children poured out on paper.

There was one thing that did really bother me, and this is probably nit-picky Jan 23, Ross Connelly rated it it was ok.