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He began to recall with great fondness a certain much older and very handsome youth who had lived near him in the first neighborhood, and had at the time shown him, various little friendly attentions. Vambery describes their marriage ceremonial when the young maiden, attired in bridal costume, mounts a high-bred courser, taking on her lap the carcass of a lamb or goat, and setting off at full gallop, followed by the bridegroom and other young men of the party, also on horseback; she is always to strive, by adroit turns, etc., to avoid her pursuers, that no one approach near enough to snatch from her the burden on her lap. Check the ‘yes’ box that you have a kid, and when it comes to filling in your ‘About Me’ box, mention in one brief sentence that you have a child you’re nuts about. When two persons come together, while their love for each other isstill in its infancy, their congress is called the “congress ofsubsequent love.” She was a little taller than me, so her nipples came down on the tops of my melons.

And not a moment too soon.

The spiritof the romances which in modern times enchanted the EnglishPre-Raphaelites, six centuries ago provided food and stimulus to theindustrious illuminators whose names have long been forgotten.

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